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The commercial fishing and processing of Asian carp is useful for a multitude of purposes

The goal of our program is not only to begin to restore the waterways back to their native habitat, but also to harvest an extremely versatile and sustainable resource. We aim to harvest 15 million pounds of Asian carp each year from the Peoria pool alone. The fish will be received at our East Peoria facility where they will be iced and initially shipped out for processing at an offsite location. The fish will be minced and eventually turned into fish patties for human consumption. The remaining parts, primarily the heads and entrails, will be used for bait and organic fertilizer.

Our program will create additional jobs for the commercial fishing industry, alleviate the damaged sport fishing industry, help reduce the population of invasive carp, and provide a sustainable product to food banks, institutions, and the average consumer; in turn, this program will benefit the entire country.

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